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Fabiola Guerrero was born and grow up in "The City of Flowers and Fruits" Ambato, Ecuador. At a young age, she moved to Canada and lived there for a few years until her family decided to move to New York City. As an entrepreneur by nature and after participating and stablishing multiples businesses she decided to follow her life passion and dream of owning her flower shop.  Having cero knowledge in the flower industry, she started working at a local flower shop in her neighborhood with a low salary, a lot of work and doing it all at the store.  In a very short period of time she was able to learned the flower business from the bottom all the way to the top and got the opportunity to become the store manager.  In order to accomplish her dream, she quit her job and decided to open her first flower shop in the Bronx, NY.  While she was going through the process of opening her store, she decided to enhance her skills in the flower business.  Fabiola enrolled in some of the most prestigious Flower Arrangement Schools in the nation, learning from the best of the best in the flower industry. Her creative mind and hard work helped her to become  one of the top nationwide flowers arrangements expert. By the year 2015 Fabiola was able to accomplish her dream by opening Rhoslyn Florist.

 Rhoslyn Florist is a family-owned and operated florist in Bronx, NY, specializing in various wedding-inspired arrangements. Its CEO & Founder, Fabiola Guerrero, and the rest of the talented team love working with couples planning their big day. They take pride in delivering above and beyond expectations. Rhoslyn Florist has become well known for its beautiful, high-quality floral design work. Their many eye-catching flowers come all the way from the family's farm in Ecuador. These professionals understand that no two weddings are the same and will gladly curate customized arrangements according to specific styles and color palettes upon request. You and your partner can work closely with the team Rhoslyn Florist on an array of floral arrangements for your upcoming wedding celebration or special day. Fabiola and her team want to ensure a personalized experience geared towards your needs, vision, and budget. Choose from bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages to centerpieces, flower crowns, and installations; these experts do it all. Delivery and setup services are available for your convenience.


Our Roses Create Your Stories

Our Name "Rhoslyn" Comes from this Beautiful Flower that grows in the mountains of Ambato, Ecuador in South America.


The choice of cultivating flowers in the mountains of the City of Ambato, Ecuador, is a strategic one for Rhoslyn Florist Franchise. The region's unique geography and climate provide an ideal environment for growing a wide variety of high-quality flowers. Situated at an elevation of approximately 9,000 feet above sea level, Ambato offers a temperate climate with cool nights and mild daytime temperatures, which is perfect for nurturing vibrant and long-lasting blooms.

The rich volcanic soil in the area also contributes to the exceptional quality of the flowers produced there. With its fertile land and ideal weather conditions, Ambato has become a key source for Rhoslyn Florist's exquisite floral arrangements. This commitment to sourcing flowers from a region known for its natural beauty and floral abundance not only ensures the franchise's access to premium blooms but also supports the local economy and the livelihoods of the skilled farmers and floriculturists in the Ambato region. It's a win-win partnership that allows Rhoslyn Florist Franchise to deliver stunning and fresh flowers to customers while celebrating the beauty of Ecuador's mountainous landscapes.


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