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We Are The Future of Franchising and the

Latino Business Community in The United States


Saving the American Economy
Supporting Latino Business Creators Succeed

FACT: By 2060 the US Latino population is estimated at 128 million, dramatically changing the American economy.

FACT:  “The U.S. Latino cohort has accounted for nearly 80% of the net new additions to our labor force during the past decade, while also accounting for 52% of all net new employer businesses, making it our country’s most prolific entrepreneurial cohort.” – Latitude & Latino Donors Collaborative Org.

“With a GDP contribution of 3% to the overall economy in 2022, an overall economic output in nominal dollars reaching over $826B, 8.5 million jobs, and 792,000 establishments, the Franchise Model can no longer be closed to Latinos, the most productive sector of the American economy.” -Rafael Alvarez

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We Are 63 Millions of  Latinos in the USA

Generating $3.2 Trillion GDP

We are the 5th Largest Global Economy

  • Latinos develop new businesses at a faster pace than any other national group in the U.S. 


  • The accelerated pace and expansion of new franchise business creation can impact intergenerational wealth and prosperity unlike any other business model within the Latino Community.


  • Franchising represents a logical next step in the Latino community.


  • The “turn-key” approach and team-based management and support are features of the model that can transform Latino business development for decades to come.
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Latino Franchise Association
Official Launch Event January 2023

One World Trade Center 64th Floor, in  New York City


The Latino Franchise Association (LFA) top priority and goal is to connect the Latino Community in the US with the franchising ecosystem (franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, franchise consultants & brokers) and just about everyone  in the franchise industry. Latinos are ready to invest in franchise brands and are great and hard working franchisees.

We support the creation of Latino owned-controlled Franchise Brands. We support franchisors looking to expand in the Latino market.

We provide comprehensive support to franchisees through the opening of new locations in the community to helping them to get new clients.

We connect Suppliers with Franchisors and Franchisees.

We educate and support entrepreneurs who are looking to be part of and invest in the franchise industry.

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The mission of the Latino Franchise Association is to promote, support and expand franchising in the Latino community

 We Have Four Point Strategic Plan of Action to establish franchising as the preeminent economic

development model for Latino entrepreneurs on their journey

to transform the American economy by 2060.

Expand Franchising Educational

“Learn to Grow”, take advantage of our expanded educational resource's Custom-Tailored, Culturally Responsive Content.

Expand access to Capital and Opportunities for Business Development:

Learn more about “El Mercado”, our marketplace for business networking and resource exchange.

Advocate for a More Inclusive Legislative Agenda:

Let's work together to make sure that our agenda has an audience at the seat of power.

Establish a meeting “Space” to Engage and Involve Latinos:

Get connected with industry leaders at our monthly and yearly conferences, in-person and virtual.

Expand Franchising Educational

“Learn to Grow”, take advantage of our expanded educational resource's Custom-Tailored, Culturally Responsive Content.

Expand access to Capital and Opportunities for Business Development:

Learn more about “El Mercado”, our marketplace for business networking and resource exchange.

Join and Grow with LFA

Our job is to build a franchising community, an environment and ecosystem where everyone can join, connect, partner and advocate for progress through franchises from all industries. We bring the tools, expertise and resources that can help each of our stakeholders (franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, professionals, and entrepreneurs) succeed

Weekly Live Webinars and Training

Learn from the experts. You can grow professionally, expand your business and network with other professionals through our live webinars, courses and workshops. 



Franchising Conferences & Events

We gather the most influential leaders in the franchising industry in weekly live, monthly and yearly events. Participate and exhibit in "Franquicias Fest", the largest Latino Franchise Expo in the US. 


Membership & Mentoring Programs

Looking to grow faster? Want to connect and understand the Latino Community? You can join our mentoring, personal and business growth LFA Mentoring program. This is a personalized program to help you succeed in the franchising industry.

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 CoolVu is the manifestation of 30 years of unparalleled success in the residential and commercial architectural window film, surface enhancement, and graphics business.


Wings & Fries Co is a unique and  friendly franchise concept originated in Caguas, Puerto Rico that offers Jumbo Wings, Specialty Fries, Home Mac & Cheese, Dessert Fries, and Craft Beers. 


Listening to the community is how Pedro "Pete" Mora got to where he is now... That and a fleet of vans, a dedicated staff and a whole lot of Fajitas.



We focus in the wellness and health segments. We embrace technologies available to the food service and some that are proprietary to ensure our business model works fluently to meet the unique expectations of today’s consumers



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