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Franchise Thought Leaders: 2024’s Important Franchise Issues


There has never been a more exciting time to be in franchising than right now. With a projected 805,000 franchises in the U.S. in 2023, we are experiencing a historic period of entrepreneurship and growth. In recent years, private equity companies have taken note of franchising’s merits and have made major investments in franchise companies. There has been an emergence of umbrella franchisors that have formed and pooled resources to grow brands and make them stronger.

Meet the Leaders of the Latino Franchise Association

 , October 11

The Latino Franchise Association (LFA) was established in 2022 by entrepreneur Rafael Alvarez to spread awareness about franchising to the Hispanic community. With a mission of being the “go-to” organization for Latinos in franchising.

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Franquicias Fest 2023 to Feature Latino-Focused Panels and Prominent Guest Speakers

This week, the Latino Franchise Association (LFA) is hosting the largest Latino franchise trade show, conference, workshop and networking event in the U.S.: Franquicias Fest.

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Entrepreneur Rafael Alvarez Elevates the Latino Community with Franquicias Fest

Anyone who says one person can’t change the world never met Rafael Alvarez. The accomplished entrepre neur vows to create more opportu nities for Latinos in franchising, and he’s laser-focused on his mission. 

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Diversity Was on Display at the 2023 International Franchise Expo

Franchise professionals from all around the world came together last week to network, learn and collaborate at the 2023 International Franchise Expo (IFE).

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Latino Franchise Association Launches Franquicias Fest in New York City

, May 18

Entrepreneur Rafael Alvarez is on a mission to bring franchising to the Latino community.

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Latino Franchise Association lanzará El Franquicias Fest en la ciudad de Nueva York

Ramon Ramirez-MisterDj1 Mayo 25, 2023

La feria o Festival Comercial de Franquicias será a gran escala y enfocada en los latinos y comenzará a principios del mes de agostoEl empresario dominicano, más próspero Rafael Alvarez,como siempre, su misión es el éxito a gran escala,y esta vez su meta es la de llevar las franquicias a la comunidad latina.

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Latinos Leaders Launch the Latino Franchise Association to Increase ownership in the $800 Billion franchise industry

With great enthusiasm, energy and foresight business and civic Latino Leaders Launched the Latino Franchise Association to increase participation and ownership in the $800 Billion dollars franchise industry.

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